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No. That particular plant was reclassified as a bromeliad not a tilly. The classification is because of the leaf structure of the plant. It has the appearence of a tilladansia fasciculata , but does not have the tough leaves that tillys have. And the flat fan spike that is reminisance of several other bromeliads.
Tillys are a subgenus of Bromeliad themselves
Hmm... I need to comment on this...

Tillies ARE bromeliads. There are a few different groups in the Bromeliaceae family like the Bromelias, Tillandsias and Pitcairnias (if I remember that right). The genus Cyanea is in the Campanulaceae family, so not even a bromeliad. I think you may be a bit confused.

Most plants are generally characterized by their reproductive parts like Todd was saying. Leaf structure is taken into account but its never the determining factor (or at least it shouldn't be due to MANY factors that affect leaf shape, color, size etc.).

According to the FCBS and IPNI, Tillandsia cyanea is still a valid name. Now according to a quick dig, Tillandsia cyanea var. tricolor is synonymous with T. lindenii. I don't know how valid that is b/c the FCBS has them still separated. Furthermore, there is a whole group of Tillandsia with fan shaped inflorescences... 'Uncle Derek Says' - Tillandsias with Paddle-shaped inflorescences
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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