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Good Pre-Made Media?

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I've been using a pre-made media from one of the sponsors here (not going to give the name so I don't hurt their rep) and I've had horrible luck with it. I tested it side by side with another sponsor's media and the latter out-produced the other culture (with the crappy media) basically by 100%. I'm looking for another media to purchase, and I was wondering what you guys are using. I'd like a just-add-water media. Please tell me the sponsor who sells it. Thanks!
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Thanks for the PM's guys. I think I have this sorted out but feel free to give other suggestions.
Josh's Frogs All The Way!

I have tried several and made my own and for the cost, ease, problem free and high productivity I use josh's

just got a 5gal bucket in the mail today matter o' fact
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I use Joshs... all I do is add 1/2 cup of media, 2/3 cup of hot tap water, let it sit for a minute, put three coffee filters in and in 12-14 days I have more flies... I dont mix it, I dont do anything. Oh, and I always stack them in a pyramid, I dont think this matters, but it looks cool :)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Let's just say I didn't have the same experience as you guys with the stuff.
Same here use josh's frogs and works like a CHAMP!
I make my own now, but my first 6 months into the hobby I used the media from Alpha great & smells good!

2.25 lbs - Fruit fly Premium Media mix 2.25lbs. - Alpha Pro Breeders

9 lbs - Fruit fly Premium Media mix 9lbs. - Alpha Pro Breeders
I haven't tried it yet (plan to), but Allen Repashy is releasing a media called SuperFly. You can read about it here. New Product Press Release. Repashy: SuperFly - Gecko Resource Forums
I mostly make my own, but occasionally add some pre-made.

Joshes!!! It works amazing, and you don't have make anything. I've tried a few others with not even close as good affect as joshes.
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