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Good digital cameras

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I hope I do not put anyone off for posting it in this section, but I thought perhaps it would get some more responses this way. I'll post it in the lounge too.

Can anyone suggest a decent digital camera for taking close ups..obviously of dart frogs, chameleons, etc.? My camera has outlived its prime-well actually it never had a prime ;-)

I'm trying to keep the price range in the $250 range at best. Is this an impossible feat?

Thanks everyone,
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I know that a Canon Digital Rebel (DSLR) isn't in the $250 price range, but I would save up the money and go DSLR with a good macro lens! For examples, I have posted pictures all over this board.
look at nikon they have great macro for small cameras
I use a Pentax Optio 33WR...goes for about 350 brand new.
3.2 megapixel, Macro zoom, and is weather resistant, which is a big plus for outdoor use.
It has it's can't add a different lens, the adjustments are all by buttons. But it also fits in a shirt pocket, and I can take it kayaking without worrying too much.
I've managed to get a few decent shots, but I would like to try my cousins Nikon to see if the limitations at this point are my unsteady hand/skill, or the camera.
Basicly, it was one of the cheapest digital cameras that has a macro-zoom.
When you shop, just make sure you get a model with a Macro zoom...there is no substitute, also consider getting a used just might find a great deal.
there are some great cameras out there with fixed lenses that are in the 300 and up range. you dont get the luxury of interchangeable lenses, but there are many different lenses that actually fit over the fixed lense on the camera to give you a different effect. there are macro, wide angle, fish eye, teles, etc. the pics are every bit as good as a dslr too. just do some good research and find out what you really want and what your willing to fork out money for. this hobby gets expensive. good luck!
If you are not looking for something top of the line. I bought a Nikon 4300 on eBay with 2 batteries a case and telephoto lens for about $275. The nice thing about it is the macro mode which allows you to take pictures at about an inch away. Like I said it's not anything special but more the enough to take picture of the pumilio and imitators. If you would like to see some pics feel free to email or pm.

Why'd you post this in two areas? My recommendation is the same as it is in the Lounge, Canon Powershot A95. Good as a point and shoot camera, has a flip out LCD screen like a camcorder for those alkward angles, a mount for additional lenses, and 5 megapixels. Usually costs around $250 - $300 depending on where you buy it.


I use a Cannon Power shot A60 here in Peru very expensive the Digi Cams so I only could get that one for $400.00 but I have nice pics of the Poisong frogs
Thanks a lot everyone. You've all given me great places to start. Now its time to start shopping :)
good under $300 camera

i was going to post a thread today about this. i recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix 5600 from best buy for $280.

here are a couple of macros taken with it. keep in mind im not that good of a photographer.

and to get an idea of the color it renders heres a shot of my reef tank

its a great little, easy to use, camera, IMO.

its 5.1 MP, and heres a right up about it. ... 005600.asp
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I recently purchased a kodak easy share 6.1 megapixel for 280. has macro function and video function its a fixed lens but you can buy lens attachments for it.

I really got distracted from the whole post when I saw that reef tank lol

I agree with what David says "I know that a Canon Digital Rebel (DSLR) isn't in the $250 price range, but I would save up the money and go DSLR with a good macro lens! For examples, I have posted pictures all over this board."
I would sugest a digital SLR camera if you can affort it. a point and shoot camera now a days carries enough mega pixels for a really good res shot but it has its limitations. First either a Canon or Nikon is your best option Lenswise. They got absolutely sharp lenses. the other thing is that when you get better and better, with time you will want to get more advace kind of shots. Nikon has a good lens auto and manual focus "micro 60 mm" very sharp and with this micro you can get half and inch away from subject.

I hope this helps


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