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The picture is horrible (I'm chucking the elph and getting a D70 soon), but this is one of my female vents. She has been a great producer, but I just noticed something really weird. I didn't want to affect their breeding so I haven't really bugged the pair besides feeding them, cleaning their tank, and pulling eggs. I decided to check on each frog in my collection tonight to make sure everyone was healthy, and my god, she is! She has grown like crazy over the past 2-3 weeks. I'm not kidding when I say that she is about the size of an adult bri bri. I was floored, cause she isn't obese, but has become very long. She is about a year old and is now about twice the size of her mate. Is this a common thing in female vents? Also, both the pair has completely lost their blue coloring in their legs and now have the muddy color displayed in the image above. I guess the little buggers are maturing; its awesome!

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What size is she? length? girth?

My female vents are bigger than my males, but they don't tower over them. How about her offspring? Any size anomolies?

Any chance you can try and get side by side shots with a male and this big girl?
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