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Hello all,
So as some of you may know by now I have been researching and planning on starting a new palludarium/terrarium. I have now decided, after asking many questions on here, to use the 60 gallon(48x12x24") tank i just bought, as a terrarium with a water feature. Now I think I have a good plan enabling me to get started. Since it is my first one though I just wanted to list off what I have and what I plan on getting...

This is not a build log, more just me looking for any advice to make sure i haven't overlooked anything. I will be doing a build log after I collect everything I need.

Materials I have...
1. Tank
2. Great Stuff
3. Grout (for making rocks)

4. Styrofoam
5. Pots measuring 3"diameter x 2.5" height

Things I still need to get...
1. Glass drill bits
2. Bulkhead
3. Acrylic paint (to use for the rocks)
4. Epoxy
5. tubing (for plant drainage)
6. PVC Pipe (false bottom support)
7. egg crate
8. Silicone and peat moss
9. Substrate
10. Lighting

Now here is where I need help. These are questions that I had trouble finding answers for while searching the forums.

1. A bulkhead is used for the drainage hole in the bottom of the tank, but do I need anything else with it?

2. Can I use acrylic paint from a craft store? I remember reading that you could but cannot find the post so want to just make sure.

3. I can't really find any sources for epoxy, or im looking for the wrong thing. (used for sealing fake rocks) anywhere in particular I should look?

4. What type of tubing is best to use for drainage? Can I just pick up something at home depot.

5. Do I thin out the silicone at all when applying it to the background with peat moss?

6. How many gallons of ABG mix do you think I should get?

7. Should I get more than just the one can of great stuff if I want to cover the whole background? I only ask because I dont want to take more trips to home depot than necessary lol.

Obviously this does not include any plants or animals as I am just worried about construction here.

And since I know many of you probably like all sorts of reptiles and amphibians, and I dont want my post to be TOO boring, heres a pic of my snake Mystique...
I blurred it cus I was making a stupid face lol.
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