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Galacts in a 10g?

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I am almost finished setting up a simple 10g tank and I really like galacts I was wondering if they would work in a 10g. I also read that they are only classified as intermediate because of breeding and being hard to sex. For a beginner if it can be done do I have to do anything special also I read the do well in groups would 3 work in a 10g I doubt they would I think it would be a squeze. I can find little info on them. If it wont work what should I go for? Ill make a different tank for them in the future then.

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A pair of galacts will work in a 10g, no more then a pair though. They do very well in groups, I have 4 in an 18x18x18 zoomed and have never seen a problem. They are almost fully matured adults now, they will probably start breeding this summer.
I would like a pair how hard is it to sex them?
Sexing galacts are pretty difficult to sex. They are also extremely slow growers.
I've worked with between 4-6 galacs in a 36-gallon tank. I have had them for almost 6 years... and the only thing I'm sure of is that there is at least 1 male and at least 1 female in that tank. Beyond that? I've tried to sex them, but its not easy, and I inevitably end up changing my mind multiple times!

1.1.0 azureus
1.1.4 galacs
This is my tank would they like it? What should I change? If not what other frogs would?

Having problems uploading pics will be up in a sec
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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