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Currently Available Dart Frogs and Mantellas!

Blue Azureus Arrow Frogs $49.99 each


Regina Tinc Arrow Frogs $49.99 each

Yellow Back Tinc Arrow Frogs $49.99 each

Matecho Tinc Arrow Frogs $59.99 each

Orange Splashback Arrow Frogs $59.99 each

Red Splashback Arrow Frogs $59.99 each


Adult Bumblebee Arrow Frogs - beautiful imported adults, new bloodlines for the serious dart frog breeder! $59.99 each

Brown Mantellas $14.99 each - ON SALE!

Need flies for your frogs ASAP? We can ship fruit flies with your frog order! We can fit up to TWO cultures with your order!

For ALL of our available animals, feeders, and supplies, please visit our website at!



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