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tricolors feeding

i always get a kick out of feeding tricolors. They will really do almost anything for food, even fliers. Feeing them lesser wax worm moths and smaller houseflies was a kick, they'd take flying leaps in the air, from anywhere, to catch these things. Going by how and where they landed, I don't think they thought about it much, as they would plop into the stream in their tank, or run into things. Its funny to watch 6 of these guys hopping after one moth, I even saw two smack into each other mid jump as they went for the same prey....

Then there was the tricolor who somehow thought he could take on a leopard gecko that was in the tank next to them. He'd hop up as if trying to eat the spots on the gecko when the leopard gecko was moving about that side of the tank. We won't even talk about the same frog trying to go after the adult crickets in the gecko tank that were the same size as him...

If it moves, and doesn't bite back to hard, they want to eat it.
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