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I was feeding my leucs springtails just now, and noticed one of them tongue flicking the corner of the critter keeper I'm keeping them in. Only thing was, he was flicking it over his head. Since I knew I hadn't sprayed them there, and springtails don't climb, I took a closer look. Then I noticed he had been flicking at a fly crawling around on the OTHER side for about two minutes. I squished the fly, but couldn't stop laughing.

This goes along with something that happened the other day. I was feeding my azureus some lesser waxworms that I got at NWFF from Ed's. I was dropping them in one at a time, and my female was slurping them up. Then she flicked one, and it came off her tongue and landed on her head! She couldn't figure out where it went. So she's hopping all over the place looking for this waxworm, when it's right on her head. Finally it started to crawl around and she flicked it off with a front leg. It sailed about two inches and landed on the front foot of the male. So he's hopping around looking for this waxworm, while the female is trying to tongue flick it off his foot. Finally he shook his leg, and the waxworm went flying over and landed on the back foot of the female! Fortunately, she held still long enough so he could snatch it at last.

If you've got funny frog pics or stories, post 'em here!
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