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FS 2 20x20 planted terrariums and frogs

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I'll have to get updated pics cause everything has grown thick since all my old threads, but priorities have changed and I have to deploy long term for a special job opportunity, so looking to sell my current terrariums and frogs.

18 in exo terra
sparsley planted with a fat dumpy tree frog
$75 ?

20 x 20 planted custom terrarium
with a leuc, an azureus , and a tinc. all adults and healthy had for over 2.5 years
$250 ?

20 x 20 planted custom terrarium
with a trio of costa rica black and green auratus and a lygodactylus williamsi
the auratus are shy (rare sightings except at feeding)and about 1.5 years old maybe? but healthy.
the gecko, not as healthy (some kind of skin issue?), but active and voracious eater
$275 ?

all dendro frogs from EricM (?)

all three setups are 'Or Best Offer' as I need to sell entire setups.

I'd consider a donate to a school or something too in exchange for receipt for taxes.

I'm in Garden Grove.
sharkdude1 at yahoo dot com

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just took a couple pics.

vivs not clean or plants pruned.

Auratus impossible to get a pic of, even during feeding time, but you can see them in person in the 'underbrush'. you'll have to trust that there are three.

blurry gecko (not very healthy)

mixed species tank

My son wants to keep the tree frog now and my wife has agreed she can handle cricket feeding, so tree frog an exoterra viv off the market.

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or best offer.

lighting fixtures negotiable.
I have other plants and supplies to sweeten a deal.
in final negotiations with Coxdre123 to pick them up this week.
thanks for looking.

coxdre may not take them all.

my sneaky wife got a pic of one of the auratus

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