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Frogs with Darts

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I saw in that Sean had those marbled tree frogs and said that they went well with darts, so what other frogs do you guys know of that also would do well with darts?? And under what conditions?
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I highly disagree with this and cringed when I saw that on his ad. These frogs are not terrestrial, not accustomed to eating fruit flies,etc. They would never see each other in the wild and stress each other out to a point of death. Not a good idea for mixing species, stupid to mix tree frogs and darts.
If you're going to mix different families of animals of one order, aka dart frogs and any other kind of frog, you need to provide for the needs of both animals. This takes an enormous amount of space, because you have to have two different habitats, etc, and still have enough room that they don't bother one another. I agree that it is good idea to just keep different families of animals seperate. It not only makes logistics much more simple, but the frogs would probably be happier and fatter too, not having to compete for food with another species.

I would never, under any circumstances, mix species from different geographical regions. I wouldn't put a mantella with a red eye, a sulcata tortoise from africa with a gopher tort from america...Mixing individuals which evolved in different locales is a good way to spread disease, encourage species jumps, and so on. The affect of Indo-european diseases on Native Americans when the Europeans arrived to NA is a perfect example of how even the mixing of different geographical populations of the same species can have disasterous results. There are several other zoological examples as well. It's just not a prudent thing to do.
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I agree fully. And by the time you end up making those two different habitats, it would be easier to make thme in two different tanks.
Derek Long time no see. Nice to see you changed your views from when you used to go to #dartfrogs.

Excuse me? I don't follow you. I've never mixed a species in my life. I have held back from further comment, because I recognise this as a post to aggrivate me, no thanks Danny.
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