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Here is my current list please inquire via email at [email protected] for prices .
No shipping currently as I am recovering from an operation .

Azureus 6 months
Auratus micro spot 3-4 months
Auratus Highland bronze (near adults)
New River 3-8 months
Citronella 4-8 months
Orange glacts 4-5 months
Oyapock 4-5 months
Powder blue 4-8 months
Matecho 4-5 months
Yellowback 4 months
Darkland Pumilio 4-5 months
Mancreek Pumilio 5-6 months
SI tri color proven group of 4
Aurotenia narrow striped sub adults
Red Amazonicus
Golden vents
Mint Terribilis
1 male Orange Amazonicus
1 female Orange Terribilis

Male O. pumilio Blue jeans(females to trade) , Male colon , Female Nancy , female cristobal (male to trade) All are Frye line
Broms and mag leaves as well .

Happy frogging ,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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