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Frogs avaialble at Chicago NARBC Oct 8.9th

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Here is the list of available frogs for For NARBC

At the table will be, Chris Miller, Chris Alcock, and Daryl Szyska

These are what I will be bringing, Daryl Szyska

Green leg lamasi adult trio, sub adults.
velow vent pairs, and subadults
orange lemasi

Santa Isabel

Truncatus pairs

El Cope Auratus pairs
Hawaiian autaus
Azureus proven Pairs, extra adults

Powder Blue
Surinam Cobalt
In addition: Cobalt pair, Azureus pair and an*Inferanlanis pair

Cristobal Pair (2011 import)
Blue jean captive bred pair
possibly cb grannies

adult yellow galacs


Wait list available on:
blue jeans
grannies (nominant)
black jeans
el cope auratus
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Where is this located? are leucs sold seperately?
Are you guys all there on both days?
The 3 Musketeers !!

Daryl, what are C and C bringing?

the Grannies, the 'Golfito' locale?

Email me

Any way I can apply my tiny credit and bring you that probable pair of intermedius towards something? Maybe waitlist on grannies or escudo's?
Matt your credit is ALWAYS good with me.
Shawn, I will put something together for you,
As for luecs, let me know how you many you want I can ship them to you.

Where is the show? I would like to come. I am going to be in Chicago anyways that weekend.
Checkout NARBC North American Reptile Breeders Conference for show information. It is a great show to attend! Daryl, looking forward talking in person for once.
Jason, stick around Saturday night if you can - the JoshsFrogs crew and Mike Novy typically try to drag additional froggers to a local bar for drinks and a few games of bean bag toss. So far, team JoshsFrogs is 1-0.
Sooo tempting. I drive up with friends. We have done it since high school, we are about 200 miles south. We typically go back mid afternoon, but we may stay.
Tempted to attend this.
I would, but I'd spend wayyyyy too much money I don't have....LOL

Have a good weekend ! I'll have to attend a future NARBC bc it looks like a good event to go to !
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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