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Hello to all. I'm new to this site and new to the hobby. It seems that I have caught the frog fever...
I've been lurking about this forum as well as a couple others for a few months now. I have no formal training or mentor in getting started in this hobby, so I've learned ALL of what I know thanks to these valuable resources online.
It seems like I've been into this hobby for 2 or 3 years now, but in reality, its only been 8 months! I have acquired quite a few amphibian friends since I started. I bought my first tropical tree frogs (red eyes, and tiger legs) back in January of this year. Since then my girl and I have been creating about one new habitat per month for my ever evolving collection. And only in the past 3months have I began to unravel the fascinating world of darts frogs!
My first thoughts? Oh my god this is addicting! I'm already going to need a new house, and I just moved into a bigger one! Ha.

The species I currently keep are:

Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Tiger Legged Monkey Frogs
Super Tiger Legged Monkey Frogs
Pacific Chorus Frogs
Tinc Cobalts

And I have been fortunate enough to have my Tiger Legs lay 3 clutches for me this summer, so I'm working on about 100 tads!

These frogs consume much of my lifes time, keep my wallet empty, and get more attention than my girlfriend... and you know what? I love every minute of it! I wouldn't have it any other way.

So here is my frog room. My Escape. My paradise, everyday.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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