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Well for those of you following the drama that is my Leuca, I have a new question ha.

The background- I have 3 leucs about 4-5 months old now. 2 are eating fine and quite large (~1 inch) the other got stressed stopped eating and has been in quarantine for about a month now and is eating well, more active and always climbing walls. He is not as large as the other but seems alright and normal.

The Question(s)- I have set up a 40g tall that I would like to move all 3 of these guys into. I feel that there would be plenty of space as I have made it with multiple levels and there are only 3 little leucs. Should I throw them all in at the same time OR introduce the littler one first for a week or two so he can get his territory staked out then add the other 2? I see this as some kind of advantage for the littler one but perhaps I am wrong and it will just lead to more stress when I add the other 2. Also SHOULD I reintroduce them together? I've read lately that leucs aren't as group friendly as people once thought. Should I keep them separate until I can sex them?

Any help would be great, and to those following this drama, thanks again for all the help previously rendered.
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