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Frog suggestion

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Just finished a 29 gallon viv standard gs/gorila glue background and a small stream in the front I want a pair or trio of terrestrial non dendrobates darts here's a crappy pic
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Go with whatever frogs you like and you think are cool. You should probably ditch most of your water feature especially if you want to keep terrestrials as a 29 gallan tank has a pretty small footprint to begin with (I used to have a 29gal reef and constantly complained about it not being deep enough). The frogs would appreciate the additional usable space. Just my 2 cents

Good luck making a decision.
Do you have any better pictures? It's a bit hard to tell, but it may seem as if your substrate is flooded. Not sure if it's just the picture. As far as frogs, do you have any in mind?
It is difficult to make out what's in that tank, yet based on the preference(s) and tank foot may want to check out Epipedobates anthonyi santa isabel's. Bold, terrestrial, they'll make use of the water by laying tadpoles in it.....just make sure to get some broad leaf plants in there to support calling perches and you'd be set for a nice group!
The substrate's not flooded and I was thinking about tricolors or if I have the $ chromes
Chromes won't go well in here as it is... in fact I'm tempted to say no large terrestrial dart will go well in here. There's way too much water. Chromes are as big as the average tinc. You need way more floor space than what is provided in this tank with that "little stream."
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