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Frog room

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The "bonus room" next to the garage, now my frog room...
Property Building Door House Room

Property Room Building House Furniture

Pumilio tank, 60 gallon Protean cube
Aquarium decor Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Aquarium lighting Aquatic plant

Another one
Plant Terrestrial plant Flower Houseplant Botany

one of the 2011 offspring
Terrestrial plant Poison dart frog Amphibian Plant Toad

Tadpole tank
Glass Transparent material

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Nice score on the 'bonus room'. Looks great! :D
Looks like your running out of room for your tads! Lol Nice Vivs.
U lucked out with that bonus room. Wish something like that was reasonably priced where I live. one day...
Nice frog room... Also, I'm diggin that big log in the pum tank.
Awesome frog room, I'm counting down the days until I get out of college and begin my frog hangar.. haha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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