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Frog room....No Bug Closet!

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My main goal with my frogs was the have every kind of feeding microfauna insect for them to munch on. Well, here's the room or closet that i have created for my bugs. As of right now i have a lil of everything and still looking for other feeders for my frogs; took some time to get this Thanks for looking:D
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well this is usless with out a list !!! hahahah, but nice collection!

im trying to do the same, however still pretty weak with only:
trop. springs
temp springs
trop isos
termites (they are really doing well!)
dubia roaches (they are being traded today cause they are WAY to slow to produce ooths)
@ Motydesign, I've been growing my collection for about three to four months. It's taken some time to find all I have lol. @ varanoid, I have a list of everything i have on here entitled cultures. It's still growing to. Think I'm going to purchase a shed just for my feeders lmao.:D
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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