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Needless to say, that frog is terribly emaciated. I, too, believe that this could be caused by either 1) worms, 2) stress or 3) both. A fecal test may be in order in this case. When a frog is in this bad of condition, I think that moving them into a different holding container can cause an adverse effect and possibly cause more stress to the frog. Since it's tankmate seems fat, happy, and healthy, I'd consider moving the healthy frog to a different holding container while you treat the one that's ill. This may give the frog a less-stressful situation since it's not in the presence of the other frog, while also leaving it in a familiar environment. True, if the problem is indeed worms or other parasites, keeping the sickly frog in it's present vivarium probably won't help it rid itself of these pests. However, since it's eating enough per day to sustain itself, I'd rather risk that possibility rather than causing your poor frog any more undue stress by moving it into another container. Maybe after a couple of weeks of peace and quiet with lots of springtails, dusted fruitflies, and no tankmate, he'll pull out of his hunger-strike. Hope this helps and good luck!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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