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Frog 'Mental Illness' ?

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I have three tads in my viv at work.
There is plenty of room in the water where they rarely run into each other.
I've noticed one tad that seems to have a nervous twitch. Ever since he hatched, he tends to move erratically but will eventually calm down and act 'normal'. Should I be concerned about him? Do they have Prozac for frogs?
(he reminds me of Tweak from the SouthPark cartoon)

I know that there are some flat worms in the water area but I never see them actually in contact with the tads.
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I think you will have to wait until it turns into a froglet to better judge his condition. I have had tads in the past that were very frantic in behaviour that were fine as frogs. On a sidenote, Tweek Rules!
I've had some crazy off-the-walls tads and other ones that just sit there... they all morphed out to be normal frogs.
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