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Friut Fly and Terribilis (2 pics)

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Just a couple pics:

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Man! Your mint terribilis are very yellow. We have had several juveniles keep a yellow coloration like that, but they lose it once they get their full coloration (about 6 months old). Who did you get them from? A beatiful frog either way.
I'll have to think who I got them from, but they are not changing color, they seem to be more yellow or they may end up white. They are over 6 months old so we will see.
Man, that makes melanogaster look huge. :shock: Awesome lens.
Hi Kyle, are you using a digital camera , please explain on how you get these awesome pictures. :D
Yes I am using a Canon Digital Rebel with a Canon 2.8 100mm Macro lens. I am working on some better lighting, but am still looking for the right flash bracket.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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