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frequent egg laying

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I have two males and one female dwarf tincts in a tank. The female has been laying about 3 to 5 eggs every three days, but they are all going bad. She laid 5 yesterday, but they are already all moldy.

Is it health for her to lay so frequently? Is that why they are all going bad?
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I have an azureus pair who lay once a week and maybe 1 or 2 eggs go bad out of 6. I have found that increasing vitamin supplements helps a little. Also using meth blue, black water extract or acriflavin help prevent molding. I have a special water mixture I use on the eggs that is spring water, blackwater extract, and 2 drops of acriflavin.

2 drops of acriflavin
Hmmmm I don't know what this is. Explain? And doesn't the Methyl blue, and Black water cover your bases as far as mold?
I think we all know who the father is...yours truly!
Acriflavin is another dye like methylene blue that is an anti-mold drug used in the aquarium trade for fish eggs and treating fungal infections. I only use one or the other, I just happen to be using acriflavin since I had some on hand. It turns water neon yellow, so you may have seen it before.
so there is nothing wrong with her laying eggs so frequently? I thought she may get weak because she lays so frequently. The eggs are discoloured (brown and black) the first day they are laid. Thats why I thought it has something to do with her health rather than mold problems.

At least one of the local breeders, who is a person that I trust, gives their frogs a break from breeding every couple of months especially in the summer when it is a little warmer to reduce the stress on the frogs.

I would like to give her a break. Is the best way to do that to remove her from the tnak and put her with no males? I have tried not misting the tank but it does not stop them.
I plan to give mine a break, do you have to do this by physically seperating them or just adjusting teh environmental conditions?
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