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Hey Guys,

I have 2 tanks, fully planted, lights, and everything and I just don't have time right now to take the of the frogs like I would like.
So I am going to give everything away.

There are a few stipulations though:
1. You have to be able to take care of the frogs and not be completely new...
2. You have to be able to pick up.
3. Cash is NOT mandatory, but donations are accepted (I am a college student...).
4. You have to take everything, as in frogs, tanks, lights, fly supplies and etc.

Here is what I have:
12x12x18 Exo Terra with 1.2 Cristobals (Farm raised and purchased from AmazingPets, 2011 imports I believe).
8x8x12 Exo Terra with 0.0.1 INIBICO Variablis from Sports_Doc
Then lights, cultures, temperate and tropical springtails, Repcal supplements, some leaves and a couple other misc things.

I do not have pictures BUT I can 99.9% guarentee that you will LOVE the enclosures.

Bad stuff:
The male of the farm raised cristobals is really skinny, probably because of worms. He does eat, but mainly springtails, does occasionally pick at FF's.
The variablis is VERY shy and very hard to spot.
Supplements need to be replaced soon.

That's all,
I live in Daly City and will be avaliable starting tuesday morning.
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