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Buy 2 lbs or more of either NEHERP or Repashy Fly Media and get 1 FREE fly culture of your choice!
All cultures are freshly started with our high yield NEHERP media. Limit 1 per customer.
(Buying 1lb of both types of media also qualifies for a free fly culture, if you'd like to try both)
Click here to shop for fly media

Our fly culture prices have been slashed and we're now offering fly cultures with two types of media. Now you can choose either our media or Repashy's Superfly at no extra charge. (All producing cultures are still using our media.)
Check out the new pricing structure in our live insects section.

How often do you just need a bag of Calcium Plus or Superpig, but you end up having to pay a fat shipping fee? No longer!
So long as you are ordering strictly Repashy products under 16oz - they can now ship for as low as $3.99!
This shipping deal is strictly limited to Repashy bagged items (no jars!) and for orders up to 16oz only.
Getting the Repashy stuff you need is now cheaper than ever!
Click Here For More Info

Aside from the 3 sale/update things above - we've been beyond swamped lately with a handful of vivarium builds & working in the breeding rooms. All the while I've been in and out of Drs offices working out some small issues (nothing serious), and Kate's been running the store. If we haven't responded to emails as fast as we usually would - I'm sorry! :eek: We're going as fast as we can, and we should have everyone's emails sorted out by tomorrow. I'm happy to say that despite all this - we've averaged a less than 24 hour window between orders being placed and orders being shipped for the past month. :)

Katie and I really appreciate your business - and if there's anything we can do for you please let us know. We're always happy to help.

Thanks very much,

Oh - and if the new stuff doesn't show up on the site - hit refresh! :)


1,336 Posts
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^^^ Thank you for the order! :)

Also thanks very much to our customer D.V. who helped us identify a problem. The site was charging $3.99 + $7.00 S+H for shipping, when it should have been charging $3.99 + $0.00 S+H

THE REPASHY $3.99 SHIPPING COST IS NOW FIXED! Now orders containing 16oz or less of Repashy product really can be shipped for $3.99 flat. :eek: To activate this shipping deal go HERE.

Actually - some other things on the site (namely things advertised to ship for free) may have been effected by this shipping issue for the past week since we changed a calculation on PayPal, and made a mistake. If anyone has ANY issues with the site - please contact me. I will make it right, and if you help me diagnose a problem we'll make it worth your while. :p

Thanks as always,
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