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Guys, I've looked through the Search option, and I still haven't found any information where to get this expandable foam stuff. Sorry about that dudes if its somewhere and I've just been too dyslexic to find it. :wink:

I think Terra designs has it, but on their site they haven't posted information on it yet. I am very confused with what is safe to use and what isn't. I know Jhupp and Devin argued a bit which is safest, so I'm not sure what to do.

Also, could I just smear aquarium putty like they sell at vivarium concepts over the back and create a cliffside that way?

And, about STYROfoam, I'm thinking about cutting up Sean Stewart's box he sent me with my tricolors in it and use it as a drainage layer for my tanks. Question: The reason why I'm hesitant to use it just yet is because I'm not sure how many TYPES of styrofoam are out there. :? I don't want to add it to my precious anuran tanks and have chemicals leaching into the water. I really think its the same as what everybody else has used, but just want to be sure.

Are there any other ways to make nice backgrounds? I've been tempted just to get garden center plastic netting, silicone it to the walls to make a pocket, and stuff behind it course material like cocofiber, shagnum, or bark, but I don't think it'd look as nice with the black fencing look until plants or epiphytes take hold.

Anybody just glue a layer of bark to the back panels? I've thought about that too, but an awful waste of silicone sealant. :wink:
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