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Sorry for the influx of question but I'm a newbie :oops: Anyways I recently purchased a culture of flies from petco and they are labeled flightless. I think they were melanogaster. I've cultured flies in the past for some mantellas I had a few years back and never experienced any problems. The minute I opened this culture a whole bunch of flies flew out. When I say flew I mean flew and very well. Now I have them lose in my room :shock: Did these flies some how mutate while colonizing? I this common? Could it be a nonreputable company that produces these cultures?

Sorry guys after posting this I took a look around and found that there is a food forum. I also did a search and found a potential answer to my question. I should have thought of this first, I am not knew to this format of forums ( is very similar) My mistake

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troymcclure said:
Could it be a nonreputable company that produces these cultures?
Was there a safety seal? If not, is it possible someone in the store opened the container to check them out, and let some wild flies in? From what I have seen at the pet store chains in my area, every live food they carry is usually in poor shape, if it is alive at all!
Do yourself a favor, and order some high quality breeding stock from one of the companies that sponsor this board.
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