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JoshKaptur said:
Considering both flies are raised exclusively on the same media, is there any nutrional benefit to offering both types? Behaviorally, frogs may apprecite some diversity, but I am curious as to the nutritional differences (negligible is my guess) between the two.

Even given the same media, different species are going to have different nutritional values to them. Remember, goats, sheep, and cattle are all grazed on essentially the same thing but have different fat:protein:carbohydrate values for their meat. Their mineral and micronutrient values are going to be different as well. It all has to do with tthe genetic makeup of the species and their capability to assimilate particular compounds from a base material (i.e. grass and water).

Agreed, the stomach contents of both are going to be identical, but there is more to a feeder than its stomach content.
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