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Fish that work well in a water feature ?

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Hey all, I have a water feature in my terribilis tank that I would love to add fish too . The "pond" holds about a 1/2 gal of water and has a stream flowing into it . It has no external filter just cycles through so waist would also be a factor ? Though it dose "filter" through lots of gravel . Also have some top water "lilly" that I woulden't like the fish to munch too bad .Lots of sprintails on water surface also possible food source for fish ?Sorry this sounds alot like a beginner topic ,I just really do not know a damn thing about fish except how to catch them ! Ideas welcome .
Thanks ,
Darren Meyer
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small live bearers!

dare I say it.... guppies! And endler's live bearers. And mosquito fish. I've kept young animals in my frog ponds in the past. They are a great bug clean up crew for what lands in your tank. And they'd reproduce to replace the fish the terribilis might eat....

Small bettas might also do well depending on the species. I'm fond of the wine red bettas. Basically I recomend slow water - still water - back water species that can handle a wide range in water qualities like the fish I talked about above.

My only think against cloud minnows in that situation (and why I wouldn't recomend zebra/leopard danios which are similar in requirements) is that they are schooling fish, and a 1/2 gallon, even with more gallons of water available under the false bottom/gravel bottom (just not for swimming space) is not enough for a good school (5+). They need more swimming space as they are active fish. They'd live there, but just because they can, doesn't mean they should, and that it'd be best for them.
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When I mentioned "bettas" I wasn't just talking betta splendens (the average betta in the pet shops). Those guys can be very hit or miss personality wise. I've had females in the past just as aggressive as some of the males (lost a number of fish thinking she would be nice and passive). One of my absolute favorite fish these days is the wine red bettas, like Jack pictured below:

They are harder to track down, but are much more passive and would probibly be an excellent canidate (haven't tried these guys personally). And yes, he adores FFs.

I'm still not a fan of schooling fish (including neons, which tend to be touchy anyways) in such a small space. Rules and guidelines for successful fish keeping don't change just because the "fish tank" is the water body in out frog tanks.
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