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first viv...want opinions on plants

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I'm going to be starting my first viv in a couple of weeks, which will be housing D. azureus. I've been looking through all the different plants and going with the ones that seem like they would be easy for a newbie, such as myself, to work with. The tank I'm going to use is a 25H, which has the same footprint as a 20 gal, but is a couple inches taller. I'll be using a cork background, some sort of driftwood, along with a gravel and sphagnum moss substrate. These are the plants I have in mind.

Maranta leuconeura (Prayer plant with red veins)
Alocasia 'Elaine'
Neoregelia 'Fireball'
Neoregelia gazpaucho (OR Neoregelia guinea or N. '696')
Neoregelia 'Takemura' x grande
Caterpillar fern (Polypodium formosanum)
Creeping fig (Ficus pumila sp.)
Cryptanthus sp. (3 or so - including 'Black Mystic')

I've already got BillJ's opinion on this. I just thought I'd like to hear some other opinions. After all, you know what they say about opinions and a-holes, everyone's got one. :) Suggestions are also welcome.

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that's a lot of bromeliads, try some peperomia or something, other then the creeping fig. maybe some alocasia or cissus. those look nicer.
you will want something that covers the back wall and ground. not just fill the tank with bromeliads, both your neos and crypts. try some epiphytes like i mentioned. i've got tons.
I used a really nice rex begonia as the center piece of my 25 gal tank, It adds some nice color to the tank. You can see some early pics of that tank in my gallery on this site. Good luck.
sounds good, i would take out the Maranta leuconeura, they are kinda big for a 25 gal, maybe 1 or 2 less broms, terra5 is right get some more epyphits but no more broms, ppl tend to over stuff there tanks with broms and leave out anyother epyphites, maybe something elts that vines also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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