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First viv. Suggestions/thoughts?

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Im on my way to the hardware store to get glass cut for the top. Other than that, anything you'd do differently? I plan to get some cobalts after the tank has been established for a month or so. Thanks, in advance, for your help


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Congrats on your first build. Looks good. Did you have any inspirations? Or did you just had your own idea? Im assuming you used the Great Stuff method. Also try taking the picture w/o the flash. ;)
Thanks. Inspired only by the others on this board. Sorry about the pic quality, be I can manage with the cell phone camera.

B/g is gs with mopano, leca/fir/sphagnum substrate.
Looks good! Is that a little waterfall in the center over the pebbles?

My only concern about your tank is that it looks like the water level is up to the substrate. Hard to see in the pic, but, if it is, you'll want to lower it a bit to keep your substrate from being saturated.
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Very nice viv. Great job and welcome to the addiction. Haha
Updated pics with water feature operational, and top glass installed. Thx r the advicevon the water level. I wasn't sure if it was too high or not, so it has now been lowered.

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Great looking first viv. It looks like there is less leaf litter in the updated pics...if you have more it wouldn't hurt to add it. You may also want to consider blacking out the sides. It will reduce stress and I think it looks way better. I use black contact paper and it is the easiest way to go, especially for an already built viv. If you don't like how it looks you can easily remove, but I am willing to bet that if you try it you will love it.
Thanks -- I re-added the litter. I had removed a bunch while I was cursing at, er, I mean "installing" the powerhead for the dripwall.

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