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I think it looks great, and I especially love the moss in the front middle. So nice and soft looking. Nice evolution pics.

Im not sure what the deal is these days, but leaf litter seems to be the latest craze and all people worry about. My twin tanks posted 6-12 months ago are completely filled with moss...Overflowing actually...And I never recieved any comments telling me what to do. The frogs enjoy the leaves i supply, but they also bounce around on the moss all day once they stop being scared of it haha. And dont let people fool you, moss carries a ton of microfauna also. At any given time I can easily spot dozens of adult isopods along the 12" of front glass, and so do the frogs. Only suggestion I can give is to try and pat the high moss down and comb it to your liking. The frogs will utilise it much more that way.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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