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First viv. construction and new cobalts/pic heavy

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new to viv and dart frogs always wanted them so finally decided to go ahead. this is my first build came out ok but still learning .also instead of starting a new thread is it ok to use aquarium led moonlights to view at night?..only wondering because they are built into my t5 fixture...enjoy hopefully..


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I think your viv construction turned out pretty cool and congrats on the cobalts. It looks like you have done some research. So I am gonna presume that you are planning on some leaf litter and some more plants :) !
I don't think the night lights would hurt, but I am not really much of light person. How are you doing with fruit fly production?

Have fun,
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thanks sally, yeah im just waiting on my ls to bring in more plants and litter, didnt have any at the time, as for ff production, havnt started yet so i just stocked up on some cutures for 3 bucks each.
Nice tank and frogs. Cobalts were my first frogs. Nice bold frogs that are easy to breed. good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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