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I know that there are waterfalls that have an activated carbon filter integrated into them that you may be able to integrate into the bottom for the return to draw water through a filter medium and also have anything deposited into the waterfall go down a small slate rock creek and end up in a small shallow "pond" using the hydroball medium to allow drainage from plants and substrate to pass through the balls and recirculated through the enclosure but I think the pond should only be a few inches deep and made to form a sort of "bowl" into the hydro medium and then use a reptile friendly "screen" over the top of the hydroballs for drainage and then form the bowl with small natural river pebbles like you would use in a freshwater fish aquarium....also insuring that any Tadpoles in the small pond would remain there naturally or could be removed and easily grown...also for water cleanliness you only need to replace with a new activated carbon filter bag which is specific to that brand and waterfall model... Here are two links for some that I've been considering for a similar idea...

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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