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So these are my recent builds that i put together. I have the all together the 2 18x18x24 zoo meds and the 18x18x18 exo terra. The zoo med on the left is housing a trio of varaderos and the one on the right has a pair of azureas. Then the bottom tank is holding some green and bronze auratus that are a little shy to the camera! Well for the builds i was interested in making my own design for the tanks instead of just using wood or the corkbark ETC. So i went with bending the pieces of PVC pipe with a torch to what i wanted and putting them together then adding vines to them. Also just thought i would add my youngin the Frilled dragon with his enclosure. Which is quite large!! If i remeber right it is 3'x2'x4' with a plexiglass door and screen top with a GS background.

SO heres about the PDF tanks

Lighting: T5 HO 36" with 3 bulbs

Background: Blue can GS covered in ground up coco fiber and spaghnam. Then has the PVC pipes and ropes and string as vines.

Substrate: ABG mix with a thin layer of spaghnam and leaf litter. Also has an eggcrate false bottom.

Misting: Have the exo terra monsoon with 6 nozzles. 2 per tank plan on getting a mistking in the future.

Also i will be adding to this in the near future! Want to do a somewhat themed tank so im doing the floating mountains from Avatar. Havent seen anything like that and think it would be cool do something with it! Its gonna be in a larger tank so hoping it comes together well!!

Well thanks for looking would really like some comments from people to see what they have to say about my setup to make it better or if i did alright on my first three tanks?


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