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At first i was scared to use great stuff and so i made a tank without it and it looked like this

Then Grimm's Peninsula came out so i looked at mine then back at his then back at mine and i decided to do it over

put some silicone on the back so it doesn't look like foam and got started on internal air circulation

I fixed your pics.

You should do some sort of background.
GS foam isn't that bad just wear gloves and maybe get some of those new Great Stuff wipes.
The panels would be something at least.

I really son't think the big phalaenopsis orchids is a good idea.
That bromeliad would have rotted in the ground.
Those bamboo like plants don't look realistic when it comes to vivariums.
I still used larger ones in my green tree from viv to give the something to lay on in the corner.

the last pic you are heading down the right path.
I would take that stump off the side and put the side you have touching the glass on the false bottom and sit it straight up with that long part that is pointing up to point across the viv.
It doesn't have to sit flat and it would give the frogs something to hide under, just make sure they can't get inside the stump.
You can attach some broms, epiphytes and ochids to it and t would look awesome once they root to it and with the orchids coming in with moss moss will grow on that wood beautifully.
That piece you have on your hand would make an awesome water feature.
You could maybe attach broms and orchids and epiphytes.

As for the false bottom I can't tell if you notched the pvc pipe pieces but I would do that so the pipes don't fill up and the water in there to get stagnant.

I'm sure you're not gonna need that many coco-huts. I would do a mix of moss and leaf litter.
Maybe put the moss in the front and put leaf litter on the back.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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