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First Tank/First Frogs

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Well i've been reading on here for a while and planning for even longer. Sometime around february or march i will start building my tank. It's going to be 36" x 24" x 24"/30". Not sure yet about the height yet. The plumbing plans for the tank are progressing in this post: I have the basic building plans and layout basically thought out, but the factor that is most important I have not figured out yet: which frogs to get?

Starting off...i would like to get 4-5 auratus or leucs, something on the easier side obviously. To use the tank height, i would like to eventually get several thumbs or maybe redeye tree frogs (leaning much more towards the thumbs) to occupy the upper area of the tank. I haven't really thought about this, but maybe in the future another small non-thumb colony would fit in there also. So basically i'm looking around, comparing frog after frog to see what would be best for me. Any suggestions?

Which frog for my first? Which compatible frog for arboreal area? And would another colony fit in there eventually? Thanks in advance.

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Definitly do Leucs. Mine are not the least bit shy and stand out very nicely against all the green in the tank. They are always bouncing off the glass and sleep at the very highest point possible in the tank so they will use the space. Great frogs for beginners like us. I couldn't recommend them enough. Hope this helps and good luck with your tank!
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