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First frogs and 44 gallon tank build

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I recently bought 2 D. leucomelas at the Cincinnati Reptile Show on Sunday:

(probably some of the worst pictures i have ever taken, but i zoomed in with my ipod so i wouldn't disturb them as much.)

I also bought a 44 gallon aquarium from my friend for 20 bucks, i dont have a picture of just the tank, i forgot to take one.

The tank will not have a water feature because the bottom of the tank is tempered glass. But, i put a wall in the background that i could reach behind and put a pump in to drain the tank, the fb is eggcrate and 4 inch PVC pipe for support:

Then, i added the extra wall and made sort of a small "cliff" out of eggcrate:

Then, i added GS, driftwood, and GS lids(plant pots) to make a background:

Then, i carved some of the GS(you can't see much difference in the picture, but there is a lot of difference:

I will be siliconing coco fiber onto the background soon :)

But, i have one question, i bought a S. scutellarioides at a local store and wanted to know if it was vivarium safe, the tag says it is "not cold hardy" does this mean it is tropical?
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I have tried to grow that plant in a viv as well with no success....they seem ok with the temperature but in my tank all 6 of my plants drowned out (although i did over water it). Though they look great :)
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