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I have some froglets now, and am concerned about a few things.
they are a month or so old, and some have huge bellys and some are looking rather thin.
i don't know if any are stopping others from eating but i hve only five in each ten gallon. i am feeding dusted malagastor (sp). I want to be sure that they aren't crowded, and what to do to make the thinner ones eat; maybe remove to their own tank?

Could Tincs show territory behaviors already?

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Very much...i'll do that right now.
i have a lot of ten and twenty gallon sized tanks planted, would it be enough to take the biger to their own ten or just the skinny ones to a twenty?

i also see some of the bigger ones doing some osrt of Face Off. is that a
concern also?


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Keep the skinny ones in a smaller tank. They'll be able to find their food better.

As for the face off -- I'm not sure. Depends on how big / old they are, what morph they are and exactly what their behavior is. It could be a dominance thing or it could be breeding behavior. Keep an eye on them and if you see aggression then you may have to seperate them too.

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the froglets are 4-5 weeks old, tincs, and the bigger ones have just the roundest bellies.
I've pulled the skinny ones out, placed them else where but noticed
that again the biggest ones in each tank are sort of topping the next smallest.

also, just noticed that a few are seemingly scared of the flies. what's that about?

thanks again for your help.

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