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First Dart Frog Viv

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Hopefully this works. This is my 10g false bottom that I just set up. Any suggestions for the background? That is cocofiber and is not very thick so I wasnt sure what could grow on it. The fern in there is called sellaginella martinseii. Has anyone used that species? Oh, and from what ive read in previous posts, the growth of mold is not to be worried about. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the driftwood has develped quite a bit of it. Should I just let it run its course? I was getting ready to microwave it. And what type of lighting should I use? I am currently running a 15 watt reptiglo 2.0. What is best for pillow moss? Any otherthoughts/suggestions/opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.
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The frogs might appreciate a bit more cover. You may want to plant 1 or 2 large-leafed plants like bromeliads or various tropicals. It would also fill in the tank a bit. Youve got a great start though! :D Peace.
I was wondering what kind of background is that? It looks like those coco husk background they sell for hermit crabs to climb on. If it is, those will develop mold, rott and fall apart within a few months. Other than that i kind of like it like that. Nice and simple, you just need a coconut hut or something.
good backgrounds are creeping fig, moss, broms/air plants things that will root into the backgroud or grow epiphyitically (sp?)
Thanks for the replies. It's definately still a work in progress. I will get more cover in the form of plants and huts, etc. Jason, good eye. That's exactly the stuff I'm using. I thought I was being clever and found some kind of background "loophole". Should I lose it and get something like tree fern or cocos panel? What do you all think about the other questions I asked? Thanks alot everyone.
I'm not sure if the hermit crab background is cocomatt or not. I have been using cocomatt for quite a few of my vivs and am going to tear down one that has been going since June of 2002 when I got my first frogs. It is still in pretty good shape. The only reason I am tearing it down is to replace it with a different viv for some other frogs.I bought the stuff I am using from a local garden supply store that had it in rolls and I bought up almost all they had.
Like others have said, with some additional plants and a few hiding places that is looking to be a great viv.
Have fun,
Mark W.
Don't use the coco mat stuff that is made for hermit crabs. They coat it with something, and it develops mold and gets extremely stinky. Can't be good for the frogs respiratory system. I had this problem in my mantella viridis cage. I am redoing it as we speak. Just use the regular coco liner stuff. You can feel that the hermit crab stuff is kind of greasy, I don't know what they treat it with. I would definitely advise you not use it though, and replace it while it is still uninhabited. Just my thoughts from what I have had happen to me. It is one of the 10x20 sheets, right?

Ed Parker
I removed that hermit crab stuff and tried some rolled cork board that I found at AC moore ( is that stuff usable anyway? it seemed awfully thin), but I had trouble geting it to stick to the glass, so I've decided to use the great stuff foam. I had to dissemble the whole thing. Anyway, what's the procedure for using that stuff. I'm going to cover it with bed-a-beast type stuff. Do you put the coconut husk directly on the great stuff before it dries? Thanks a lot.
reply to jw about Great Stuff

I just revamped my 55 gallon barrel viv with Great Stuff foam. You need to either coat it with silicone or Weldbond and then apply the coco/soil. I used black 100% silicone that I got at Home Depot in the paint department. This will cover up most if not all the off white of the foam. A caulking gun size tube will be enough to do your tank background. I had to use 4 for mine. Make sure you either put the tank on it's back and apply it or put it on in thin coats (1/2-3/4" thick). If you put it on to thick with the tank upright, the foam will collapse. I found that out the hard way when doing a 10 gallon once.
so I tore the whole thing down and I'm now doing the great stuff, coco fiber background. Whatta mess I made with the silicone! I make made the mistake of buying white colored silicone instead of black so now all the spots that I either missed with the coco fiber or that didnt stick properly are very visible. I'm hoping to get some plants to cover those spots up, though. I'm also in the process of doing a 20 Extra tall. I'll post pics when I'm done. Any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks again.
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