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First Clutch!!! Super Blue Auratus

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So its official!!!!
My Super Blue Auratus from Adam Butt (my avatar) have begun breeding. They were raised from froglets and are finally making clutches!
They are about a year old. I was beginning to think I had a pair bc of the considerable size diference. They are the most timid frogs and always scatter when I get anywhere near the tank. I was doing my usual maintenance and found 5 eggs in the petri dish.
2 were moldy and being eaten by namerteans, 2 were fully hatched and swimming and one was uncoiled but still in the clear egg jelly. I diddent take a pic of the clutch bc of the mess that was inside the petri dish. I almost washed them down the sink!!!!
I left the one in the mass but pulled the 2 swimmers, and put them into deli cups with some rooibos tea and a oak leaf.

Anyone see anything wrong so far?
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Sorry guys I went to art school so im not good at counting.
its 14 eggs!!!!!!!!
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