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Be prepared to pull that Spanish moss. Tillandsia usneoides likes a lot of air movement, which is why you'll encounter it swinging in the wind suspended from a lateral branch in the wild, rather than surrounding the main trunk of the tree. It may do well for a while in a tank, but will eventually rot. I grow a few varieties. If you really like it, and wish to keep it in your house, it will do well being dunked in water, or sprayed to the the point of being dripping wet, then allowed to dry out before repeating. It likes very high light also.

Your general layout looks decent, and your plans to add some ghostwood sound like a good improvement. The wood you have in there resembles grapewood. I hope it isn't. That stuff decays rapidly in humid conditions; within a few weeks it will already be going soft. It's hard to guess from the photos what you have in there.

I'd add a bit more leaf litter to make a nice, thick stack, too.
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