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Before everyone yells at me for wanting to find tree frgs in winter, I want everyone to know that my daughter has shown great interest in frogs and i wanted to take her on a walk down to the local park where there is a few natural ponds. I want her to be able to find a few frogs today and we are wondering where to look in winter?
You should know that we are in oregon and the frogs we will most likely be spotting are Pacific Tree Frogs. If you have any idea of a good place to look let me know. Hey if We dont have to leave the house and you think we coud spot some at home let us know where to look. I know frogs hide in winter but we are wondering if anyone else has had the interest in finding frogs in winter and might be able to give us some good tips. She does want to catch and keep some but id imagine taking them out of their environment during winter and tossing them into a summer like home might be traumatic, if not let me know, so I think we wil wait till summer to catch a frog. Now I have read that Pacific Tree frogs will breed in winter so if anyone knows where we might find some please let me know. My daughter would lve a nature walk that we were able to discover some frogs on.
Thanks Everyone
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