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Hello again,
I just finished my auratus tank. I am excited i guess so i decided to post about it. I am putting four costa rican G/B auratus in it. It is a 29 gallon high tank with a custom waterfall and a false bottom. The plants i have in it now are: 1 alocasea black velvet, 3 cryptanthus, 1 plant that i cant identify but it looks nice and hopefully wont get too big, some talangias, and four broms.(sorry , but i forgot the scientific names of these as I lost the tags when planting the tank) I got the broms from custom ecos. It was the 12 for $35 dollar deal. These plants are in great condition and i was very happy with the prices. LOL Peace of the tropics has the same deal on the broms and i think, but dont remember for shure, that custom ecos supplies them with some of their plants. If anyone goes to the reptile shows in ohio, custom ecos usually has a table with a good selection of plants and great deals. I will try to get some pictures of the tank and frogs up soon.
Good frogging,
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