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Hi All,
Ok, I am in the process of putting holes in film canisters for suction cups and a thought crossed my mind. For you people using misting systems, do you periodically have to drain excess water from film canisters or do you drill another hole in them so the water will drain out?
I had been going thru a search here and read that vents for example won't lay in them if there is alot of water.
Mark W.

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I usually end up dumping the film canisters out about once a week. The water builds up and fruit flies love to die in there. I do it just because the water get real nasty with all the dead flies. My vents have repeatedly laid in film canisters that have been about 1/4 filled with water. They seem to like to lay in the water more than on dry surfaces. Mine have only laid in film canisters at a 45 degree angle, never in vertical or horizontal.

Completely off topic, but I figured out why my vents haven't laid eggs in two months. I have at least two tadpoles (thats all I can see) in the bromeliad with fronts legs, and almost ready to come out. Nice little suprise.

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Thanks Kevin,
I know what you mean about your vents.My imitators haven't laid for months also so I am in the process of breaking down their tank now. I had 4 in there and my pair is now in one a new tank.As for the other 2, one is in with 2 females and one is in a shoebox.
I am hoping the change in scenery will get them going again.
I will just dump out the film canisters like you said.
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