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I cannot stress the value of field swepings.

Being a feeder insect company I am always trying to find ways to better serve people, and their frogs. In Washington State I have many areas that I can use to collect field sweepings. But there is not a practical way to sort out and culture what I want. Besides, the sweepings are a bit on the fragile side and some can dessicate easily. I try to advize my customers to give it a try. It is a great way to kill time waiting for fuitflies to hathch out. In the spring and summer, I cannot stress enough the value of field sweepings. (Yes, I have a Brent Brock Bug Bazoka too) Variety is great for a dart frog, and field sweepings provide just that. It is a great way to bulk up froglets too. Food food and more food. I have noticed that my froglets tend to get good sizes on them when I do add field sweepings to their diet (When available of course) twice a week. i think small spiders are ok, but I mainly avoid large things, things high in chiton like beetles, and anything with a nasty stinging potential. Aphids are a plua, as are gnats and non fuzzy caterpillars. I get my insects nets from Bioquip a nice insect supply company on the web.
Try it,
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