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They are melos and I do see the little white dots you are talking about. They are kept at room temp (66-68 degrees F).
You'll want to find a way to get the temps up to about 80 for the flies to increase production. At those temps it will be at a crawl.

Also, the moving white dots are mites infesting your culture. If you got it shipped to you this way, get a refund/new one. If not, get a new one anyway---making new cultures from mite-infested ones doesn't pan out.

I always keep my cultures away from the frog tanks b/c of the mite issue, and I always feed from the newer cultures first and keep them away from the ones more than 7-10 days old. Keep surfaces clean and wiped down often, free of culture media/other things the mites could feed on.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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