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Someone once got too smart and put Praying Mantis "egg sacks" in as a food item in one of their tanks. A great idea really... tiny little food that the frogs can nail as soon as they come out of the egg sack.

Unless one survives and grows up. A story has occasionally circulated about someone looking into a tank in horror to find a Praying Mantis snacking on a Retic like it was eating a chicken leg.

Brent Brock may recall the source of the story (I heard this on FrogNet), I don't.

So... if you're trying to avoid having frogs getting eaten (by anoles), I'm not sure a Praying Mantis is any better for your purpose.

wcumagic said:
... Thats the only reason I havent set something loose out there yet. I have a few 1 inch praying mantises loose in the animal room now that are fat when I do see them. :)
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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