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these are few pix from my 'frenchy' frogroom :wink:

Dendrobates auratus 'Darien" adult:

Dendrobates auratus 'Taboga' sub-adult:

Dendrobates auratus 'Reticulated Taboga' adult:

Dendrobates auratus "Spotted Bronze" juvenil:

Dendrobates auratus 'Kuna-Yala':

Dendrobates auratus '???' sub-adult:

Heterixalus madascariensis:

Mantella betsileo male:

Mantella betsileo gravid female:

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thanks for my frogs :wink:

Darien (or Meteti) morph is one of the smallest auratus variant (around 22-25mm)... They come from National park from East of Panama. (mines are CB of course :wink: ). Unfortunately they are very very shy :cry: ...

There is an other similar morph called 'El Real' (from east panama too) who is bigger (32-35mm) and lesser shy ... but unfindable for the moment in the european froghobby :?

About the Birkhahn variant (or green bronze), I will take few pictures for you :wink:

I am looking for all informations about auratus variants in wild...
I never go to Panama

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Heterixalus madascariensis

wow the Heterixalus madascariensis is something! i can't find any info on it anywhere, obviously from madagascar and a tree frog at that. any information you could link me with would be appreciated.
thank you-

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few pictures again :wink:

Dendrobates auratus 'Darien' (or Meteti)

Dendrobates auratus 'Ancon Hill' (or PanamaCanal or 6spots )

Dendrobates auratus 'Birkhahn' (or Green Bronze)


Dendrobates auratus 'Campana'
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