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Female bicolor call?

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I recently picked up 2 adult bicolor that were believed to be females. I read here that the females can call, but Im wondering if there is a difference between the males and females call, and how to tell them apart. I keep hearing calling from their vivarium. "He/she' almost sounds like my leucomelas. Just a little bit lower pitch and the call only lasts about 3 seconds where my leucs call for like 10 seconds at a time.

Someone give me some input please!


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I thought my bigger Azureus may be a female until i heard "her" calling. Could be a case of wrong sexing.
Im hoping its that case.. But Id like to hear from someone who has a female that calls.. Id like to know if it sounds like the male. I have heard calls from bicolor on the internet and mine sounds just like them.
all phyllobates females are known to vocalize, their call is not as loud as the males though.
Julio, would you say that a male bicolor would call as loud as a leucomela? My leucs call much louder than my bicolor.. Im just trying to get a better idea of weather or not I have a male or not.
Females chirp and growl. Males will exhibit the typical loud, guttural phyllobates call.
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