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Ive been looking through threads and just cant seem to find the answer I am looking for. If there is a thread can you please post it here, so i can read it but beside that here I go

Ive been feeding my frogs flightless fruitflies with dendrocare dust ever other day, this seems to be working well.They are all eating fine and have nice weight. I have also seeded 4 out of 8 tanks with tropical springtails.Also have a culture booming. Ive seen my luecs and some time tarapotos shoot at the ground. I am not sure if it is at springs or not.I cant tell if my springs are reproducing in the tanks. But besides that, I would like to expands their choices and would like to plant my newly mint tank with a variety of bugs to help create more productive ecosystems. As well as food source.

Ive been looking at isopods and they seem like a great choice.But there are so many to choose from and i dont know which are harded to breed or keep and which is easy. Also if i plant them in the tanks with spring in them will the compete or with both thrive okay? Ive read pulimo thread on here about culutring them so i am well aware of that. I just need to know where to get them and which is easier?

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